Why Safe Escrow

Imagine a New Way to Fund

Managing escrow funding is complex, challenging, and costly, involving risk and multiple requirements at every step. Imagine a new way to fund that uses technology, expertise and a proven process to provide you with enhanced protection.

Safe Escrow is the new way to fund. Our best-of-breed technology offers title agents secure and affordable funding management, which enables you to focus on customer service and business growth, all without losing control.

We manage disbursement. You retain control.

Make disbursement easier

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Why Safe Escrow

The Safe Escrow platform provides software-driven funding that eliminates title agents' need for an escrow account*:

  • The risk of escrow misappropriation is greatly reduced
  • Monthly and daily bank reconciliations are processed for you
  • Underwriter audits are simplified through the system
  • Processing post funding refunds and reissuances are included

Most major underwriters have an option for title agents to select Safe Escrow on their CPLs.*

* Where permitted by law


No Investments in software; no fixed monthly fees

Access from Anywhere

Access from Anywhere, at Anytime.

  • Secure, web based and easy to use
  • Title agents can print checks from anywhere
  • Title agents can make instant changes at the closing table
  • Simplify underwriter audits through our collaborative system
Access from Anywhere

One Fee per Closed Transaction

  • $0 to get started
  • $0 monthly fees in addition to the transaction fee
  • $0 wire fees
  • $0 bank fees
Access from Anywhere

Best-of-Breed SES Technology

  • Built on an industry leading technology platform housing a series of software-driven controls and permissions that enhances security and compliance
  • Employs state-of-the-art banking controls with positive pay
  • Data is stored on redundant and encrypted servers
  • Independently certified to comply with industry best practices
Access from Anywhere

Protection Beyond Bank Reconciliations

  • Safe Escrow's SAFEvalidation technology safeguards your customers' money
  • SES Payee Account Authentication technology wires funds to the bank account owned by the party you identify
  • SES Payoff Account Validation technology confirms that payoff wires are routed to the correct payoff institution